Vendôm le réseau exclusif du luxe

Ethics Charter and Terms and Conditions of sale for VENDOM PREMIUM SWITZERLAND

Website property and operation

The site, available at “” is made available to the Vendom Premium Suisse Company by THE VENDOM COMPANY Luxembourg, hereafter referred to as “VCL”, which is the creator and the owner;
The object of this availability is namely and mainly the exploitation of a personal recruitment activity, aiming at allowing Vendom Premium Suisse, hereafter referred to as “VPS” to exploit in Switzerland the Swiss customers of luxury accommodation and starred gastronomy actors.
VPS’s customers are subject to and agree to abide by these T&C in the respect of the respective rights of VPS and VCL.
The VPS Company, as well as the VCL Company, have the right to change the aforementioned T&C.

Duration of the contract

The contract begins when subscribing an order and accepting the T&C mentioned at the back page of the purchase order.
The first service must be achievable as soon as the order is placed and the customer agrees to provide all the required elements to this end.
The duration starts, if considered indispensable by VPS, as from the provision of these elements; the duration is therefore postponed if a delay is attributable to the customer.
The contract automatically ends with the expiry of the agreed contractual duration, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.


The website registration occurs when activating a free professional, candidate or company account. The subscription implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions described in this Charter.
The use of the website also implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions, available following the link on the home page.
When opening a company account and upon signing up, a site user receives a message leading to this site’s Charter Conditions: General Terms of Use and sale, Ethics Charter and other practical modalities. 
The user declares and recognizes, when accepting the aforesaid conditions, having the necessary competence and means to access this site and having checked that the chosen computer setup is fully operational and does not contain any virus.
The Swiss professional user of must provide an e-mail address, a name and a first name to activate an account and use the site.
The user is aware and accepts that this site belongs to an exclusive, selective and specialized network in luxury accommodation and starred gastronomy and that its members are selected according to their experience in luxury hospitality, namely:
- At least two recent experiences in luxury accommodation and starred gastronomy and currently in office in a luxury establishment;
- For students, at least one internship in luxury accommodation and starred gastronomy.
The network also opens its doors to visitors and some job offers or internships are open to the public according to the recruiters’ needs.
The network can open its doors to talents having a confirmed experience in the field of important luxury brands.
Recruiters are demanding, so is the network. All participants are requested to update their profile, professional photograph and current position. Uploading a CV is mandatory.
The user, whether an active or inactive candidate, agrees to update his/her CV upon every new professional event.
Our network is a network of excellence. We help all members in their career development and expect high quality contents from our community. We also expect a true professionalism and professional attitude towards employers.
Anonymous visitors can access the site and read the articles.
The user agrees not to use a pseudonym or an e-mail that might interfere with the rights of others (patronymic name, brand…) and not to usurp a name, a company name or a trademark.
Texts, software, images, videos, databases and any other creations appearing on this website are protected by an intellectual property code. The site user agrees not to reproduce them without the explicit agreement of VPS.
The site user guarantees to VPS having the necessary rights, including all intellectual property rights on testimonies, comments, images and data of any nature that he or she addresses and/or reveals on this site, allowing him/her to do so and to grant the rights transmitted to the site.
The user expressly and freely agrees that his/her testimonies and comments are reproduced and/or represented in the communication supports intended for the promotion of the site during the whole period of the legal protection of these comments and testimonies.
The posted images or texts are forwarded to VPS under the responsibility of their author, who agrees to assume all related responsibilities and consequences. In particular, the author of a message indemnifies VPS against all actions engaged by third parties and caused or originated by the contents of the aforementioned message. The author therefore agrees to take care of all condemnation and related defence expenses, or of any contractual compensation due in the case of a dispute.
The site operators and owners disclaim all responsibility as for the contents of the messages posted by users.

Each site member is responsible for his/her allocated personal account as from the account activation date. This account is secret and must not be revealed to any third party. All company actions performed with this account are recorded and exploitable in the event of a dispute.
VPS reserves the right, without justification, to refuse the access to to any person degrading the image of the network.

Practical modalities: methods to be observed and respected by all users

As far as possible, testimonies and comments will be written in French or English for a better and easier understanding of all French-speaking visitor and member communities. Otherwise, the moderator named by VPS reserves the right to having the text translated (if not translated beforehand by a member or a visitor!)
Instructions: in order to improve the consultation of the site and reading of testimonies, an explicit title must be chosen for the contents of your testimony. A geographical location of your topic is also required. These simple precisions and the anecdotes or emotions that you put across make all the added value of your network.
For the respect and the benefit of all, the following are not permitted: harmful, offensive, obscene or defamatory messages, any contents contravening the rights of others, violent statements or contents inciting racism, pornography, paedophilia or crime and offence, or any fraudulent use of the site for the purpose of propaganda, commercial prospection or politics.
Any indirect publicity in favour of companies, private individuals, other sites, etc. is prohibited without the prior written consent of the site management.
The moderator named by the site – for a given period or permanently – agrees not to intervene in the messages in a way that could alter their meaning. On the other hand, the moderator is entitled to and must correct spelling mistakes, if any. The moderator reserves the right to move any message, in whole or in part, in the event of an obvious error of theme classification.
Users can report any disturbing message to the moderator. The moderator can erase without notice any message that does not comply with the above-mentioned conditions.
The moderator has a discretion to ban from the member community any user abusing his/her freedom of speech to engage in systematic and non-objective criticisms, intensive publications detrimental to the pleasant atmosphere of the site, in spam and actions or evocation of facts against the law. In this case, the user is notified that his/her registration and complete file will be removed of the site within 48 hours. agrees to take particular care regarding the veracity of the information exchanged on the site and to regularly maintain the latter up-to-date. However, errors or omissions are still possible. We would be grateful should you take the time to report any of these you might notice so that we can take proper measures to correct them. does not guarantee the uninterrupted access to the site, in particular in the event of interventions for maintenance, repairs or disturbances of Internet connections. The website cannot be accountable for technical failures and consequent loss of related data, nor of any other indirect damage arising from or associated with the use of the website. uses the photographs of the establishments in social networks to promote their communication and the offers they publish. 
If you choose to take part in the site as a member, you accept that your personal data and complete file, attachments included, can possibly be accessed, searched and used for statistical purposes by the site operators.

Terms of sales: subscriptions, payments

VPS is a recruitment network specialized in luxury accommodation and starred gastronomy. This service is exploited by VPS acting on a specific mandate given by VCL, site creator and holder of the operating rights in Europe and in the world.
For the data uploading of candidates, companies, research and recruitment proposals, your contractual interlocutor is VPS. 
For the management of the related payment and purchase orders, the VCL Company is your exclusive connection and contractual interlocutor.
To access VPS, an annual or semi-annual subscription is required. No refunding is accepted or granted in the event of an anticipated withdrawal, except in the case of gross misconduct by the site.
Companies are required to pay this subscription. To that end, their IBAN or credit card number must be given beforehand or a bank transfer must be made during the trial phase. Generally, companies are required to respect the conditions conveyed, which are communicated with the order according to the procedure fixed by the VPS team, as per its internal account management terms. 
The site’s purpose is to connect the professionals of the industry. The site owner or network operator are protected from prosecution if any member of the network is approached by recruiters and offered opportunities for professional growth.
All candidates, by virtue of their personal freedom, can sign up and apply to any offer.
Hoteliers and restaurant owners present on the network, must be aware that their employees can be informed of opportunities through the [VENDOM JOBS], LINKEDIN or FACEBOOK networks.
VPS is an investment company belonging to the group THE VENDOM COMPANY. Within its activity, it may approach candidates from all backgrounds without exception.
VPS will not be held responsible for candidates who apply to or reply to emailings as part as a new opportunity offer.

Recommendations for an enjoyable browsing

For an optimal view of this site’s pages, we recommend the use of the following web browsers: Firefox version 10 or higher with a minimum screen resolution of 1280×768 pixels. 
The Flash Player plugin version 9 or higher is necessary to download some of the site’s contents. It can be downloaded from the Macromedia site.

Protection of personal data and privacy

You have the right to access, rectify and amend your personal identifiable information or to require its cancellation (according to the section 34 of the French “Loi informatique fichiers et libertés” n. 78-17 of 6 January 1978). To exercise this right, please contact VPS through the contact forms.
The expression “Personal Information 1140240” encompasses any information that allows an individual to be identified. Generally, it is a name, an address, a telephone number or an electronic address.
Right to withdrawal: you have a discretionary right to withdrawal, provided that you inform the site and follow a 15-day period before removing the message(s) published on the site.

Dispute resolution/choice of language and of applicable Jurisdiction and Law for the contract

Our site does not take part in the amicable settlement procedures other that mediation, but we reserve the right to choose freely and at our own discretion the appointment process of a mediator, if we trust that we shall be able to take part in this process.
The language applicable to the contract is French.
The English language is the subsidiary language that can be used by any party, on the condition that the latter assumes all translation expenses of a sworn in translator, without any possibility to charge the cost upon the other party.
The French law will be the sole applicable law to the interpretation and execution of this contract and subsequent related documents.
This law will also be applicable in matters of international law, in the event of interpretation and/or application of the rules governing the procedure.
For the interpretation and execution of the present rules and their aftermath, this Agreement shall be settled by adjudication before French jurisdictions, within the exclusive competence of the Paris Court of Appeal.
If the applicant is an individual having the quality of a consumer, he or she will have the opportunity to refer the matter to the court of his/her place of residence, provided that the application of the French law is requested and that his/her writings, pleas of fact and law, and documents are translated in French, at his/her exclusive expenses.
The mediation, if accepted by both parties, (in particular if the stakes of the dispute justify it) will have to take place in Paris (France) and in this case, the mediator will have to be named beforehand by the CMAP of Paris (“Centre de médiation et d’arbitrage de Paris”).